1 - 21 Mukhi Rudraksha
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Rare Rudraksha
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1-7 Mukhi Rudraksha

One Mukhi Rudraksha:
One Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to  lord shiva himself (the god of wealth too.) this is very rare to find. It is said that who got this one facet rudraksha he is closest to lord Shiva, and fulfill all wishes.
Two Mukhi Rudraksha:
Two Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to devdevesh (Indra). Those who wear it are believed to have immense fame. It denotes trustworthiness and devotion. It reflects efficiently on married life of couple.
Three Mukhi Rudraksha:
Three Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolizes to the Lord Bramha Visnu and Shiva. It is fruitfull for meditation, knowledge and concentration. It helps to increase knowledge of wealth. It is highly effective for school and college students who do not possess god gifted ability.
Four Mukhi Rudraksha:
Four Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to Lord Bramha (God of  Birth) it is good for meditation and yoga. It increases confidence and devotional power.
Five Mukhi Rudraksha:
Five Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to the Lord Shiva (Lord Pashupatinath.) wearing panch mukhi Means instrumental in attaining a long and peaceful life. It is a highly effective kind. wearing a garland of small beads of Pancha Mukhi or drinking water in which Pancha Mukhi is soaked are deemed highly effective for curing.
Six Mukhi Rudraksha:
Six Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic of god Kartikeya (Kumar). It increases confidence and helps maintain Bramhacharya. Wearing this kind can help one attain over anger, greediness and improper thoughts.
Seven Mukhi Rudraksha:
Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolizes to the Saptamatrika. wearing seven Mukhi Rudraksha brings success, name & fame and a highly vibrant personality. It is also known as Kamdev. Those wearing Saat Mukhi are usually found to be highly attractive in circle. It also helps in attaining attractive power. Good for Sexual disorders.
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