1 - 21 Mukhi Rudraksha
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Rare Rudraksha
Home Speciality

Speciality of Rudraksha

Faceted 'Mukhi'

Related GOD

Speciality of Rudraksha

One Mukhi


Eradicates Evils, success in income and wealth, closest to Lord Shiva.

Two Mukhi

Devesh Indra

Fulfills will, eradicates evils, to have immense fame, good for married life of couple.

Three Mukhi

Siddha, Agni, Brahma, Bishnu and Mahes

Success in education and art, can get blessing from Goddess Saraswati too

Four Mukhi

Bramhaji, GOD of creation

Good for meditation, yoga and health.

Five Mukhi

Lord Pashupatinath

To attain a long and peaceful life has to be worn at least Three.

Six Mukhi

Swami Kartikeya Kumarji

Concentration, information and to develop confidence idence. Helps to maintain bramhacharya.

Seven Mukhi


Sudden financial gain, for name fame and highly vibeant vibrant personality, helps to attract people and beneficial for sexual disorders.

Eight Mukhi


Brings the winning power in oneself, spread name abroad, better for business.

Nine Mukhi

Kapil, Nawadurga

Receive Devine Power, eliminate the fear of evils.

Ten Mukhi

Lord Vishnu

Fulfill wishes, for sound mental fitness and protect from immoral forces and unethical activities.

Eleven Mukhi

Ekadas Rudra

For long life, prosperity and good luck, good for heart and blood pressure passent.

Twelve Mukhi

Aditya Sun

Good for politician, administrator, executives and businessman. Gets auality of Sun, for miraculously effective.

Thirteen Mukhi

Deves Indra

Increases power, get pleases from Kamadeva, make easier to get Asta Siddhies.

Fourteen Mukhi


It awakens the sixth sense organ by which the wearer foresees the future happenings, destroys the miseries and worries.

Gauri Shankar

Uma Maheshor or Shiva Parvati

Prevention from accident and sudden death helps to solve the family problem for peace.


Lord Ganesh

For Riddi and Siddhi.

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